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X Factor UK 13: Top 10

.. and they're back to being mediocre to awful. Yes, there were a couple of good performances, but even some of the reliable singers sounded weird tonight. I don't know what to think anymore. Imagine if we got Sam Atkinson, Janet Grogan, Caitlyn Vanbeck and Christian Burrows, this season would've been a lot interesting than this. But I digress.

Oh, and it's Diva Week and somehow I question some of the song choices. What's the point of having a theme if some of them will not even follow it. Ugh.

On with the show!

10. Honey G
Ice Ice Baby
Not. Funny. Anymore. 3

09. Ryan Lawrie
Rolling In The Deep
This performance was unfortunate. Look, Ryan isn't an awful singer and performer, but he just doesn't standout with the rest of his competition and at this point, it's better to be awful but memorable than decent but forgettable. 5

08. Matt Terry
I'll Be There
What happened? Other than the godawful song choice, Matt's vocals had some terrible transitions. Not sure if it was how the song was arranged, but the key change was weird, the ending felt like he was shouting, and his pitch was inconsistent. Yes, he had good vocals moments here and there, but this has to be his weakest performance to date. 6

07. Four of Diamonds
Lady Marmalade / Bang Bang
The girls tried, but this, to me, was lackluster. The vocals weren't bad, but the energy was sorely missing. I mean, I can't help but compare their version of Bang Bang with last year's 4th Impact and it just paled in comparison. It felt unrehearsed and clumsy. 6

06. 5 After Midnight
The dancing was definitely better than the singing. They're probably one of the most interesting and entertaining acts left in the competition and their energy was infectious, but the performance was still a little underwhelming. Maybe I was expecting more from them, but it just left me cold for some reason. 6.5

05. Emily Middlemas
How Will I Know
Why was I so bored with this? I usually enjoy a good flip on a song, but since I've heard a ton of versions of this, I was expecting more. The strings were a nice little touch, but the arrangement, just like last week, didn't go anywhere. I was waiting for a build up, but it never came. 6.5

04. Sam Lavery
Earth Song
How was this a diva song? Quite frankly, this performance wasn't anywhere near mind blowing, but given how terrible the night was, Sam's performance was considered golden. Ha. I thought the rock arrangement was suitable for her husky tone, her vocals were relatively fine, and there's some intensity. 7

03. Relley C
Natural Woman
A sick Relley C is still better than most of the performance and that shows how horrific this season is turning out to be. Again, Relley C delivered some solid vocals, but still, I wasn't compelled with any of it. I don't know. I just can't warm up to her despite being better than most of the finalists. 7.5

02. Saara Aalto
Oh So Quiet
So. Weird. Haha. I had reservations about the song choice as I don't think UK will get this performance, but I thought Saara had the eccentric character and personality to pull it all off. Her vocals were also pretty terrific, and the staging was genius. Will this be enough to avoid the Bottom 3? I'm not sure, but this was a good effort from her and Sharon. 8

01. Gifty Louise
Lay Me Down
Awesome! This was a nice change of pace for Gifty after tackling upbeat songs since the live shows started and this just her versatility and her fantastic vocal control. Her pitch was almost faultless, her makeover was brilliant, she connected well with the song, and her vocals were spot on. She easily won this week. 8.5

Honey G

Ryan Lawrie 
X Factor UK 13: Top 10 Reviewed by DAM on 3:38 AM Rating: 5

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