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Movie Review: Get Out

The horror genre has gotten even more stale than ever lately and Get Out was shockingly a breath of fresh horrific air. Haha. Sure, the film still relied on a few lame genre tropes, but the way the film ratcheted up the tension slowly and steadily was quite masterful. The characters were well fleshed out, the direction had stunning sensibilities, the cast was terrific, and there were a couple of effective and well-placed humor. Also, the racial aspects of the film was incredibly well written that the race conflict didn't come off as an exploitative gimmick. The pacing was slightly problematic though as the final act felt rushed and a bit of a stretch albeit fittingly cathartic. Get Out wasn't entirely groundbreaking, but it was an immaculately solid, slow-burning, and well-crafted horror film.

Movie Review: Get Out Reviewed by DAM on 11:07 PM Rating: 5

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