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The Voice Australia 6: Top 10

Was the theme tonight "Out of your Comfort Zone"? I mean, more than half of them went zag when I expected them to zig and, quite frankly, some of them pulled it off quite nicely. In fact, those who didn't explore something new came off underwhelming. Growth is key in competitions like this and the ability to show one's versatility.

10. Claire Howell
Whoa. That was awkward. Claire proved, since last year, that she has the vocal power to pull off any song and the fact that she's struggling this season is interesting to watch. Yes, the song choice was terrible - there's a syncopation to it that doesn't lend well to a singing competition - but Claire didn't do herself justice when she looked defeated at the beginning of the performance and it showed in her vocals. No, she didn't hit terrible notes, but most of it sounded unsure. Yikes. 5

09. Spencer Jones
Working Class Man
Not surprised that he ended up in the Bottom 2 last week. I mean, other than the fact that he shouted the entire song, he just wasn't connecting well with his audience. This was a much better performance vocally, but again, as soon as the band kicked in, he lost me. Sure, he sounded good and that texture to his vocals was pretty rad, but I just can't get into Spencer. There was no nuance into any of his performance and it's pretty tiring and almost too predictable. 6.5

08. Lucy Sugerman
Don't Kill My Vibe
Annoying short notwithstanding - sorry, I just can't get over it - this was a breath of fresh air from Lucy. It was fun, which was genius of Seal, and it gave her the opportunity to be young and connect to the audience on a different vibe. I'm still not a fan of her vocal technique and she did hit a couple of wobbly notes towards the end, but it wasn't as highlighted given the loud production of the band. 7

07. Berni Harrison
Tears Dry on Their Own
Good, but there was a flatness to the entire performance that was strange to watch. I don't know. She sounded really good and I thought she was precise in hitting her notes, and there was personality to her delivery, but it felt hollow. I didn't believe her and all I saw was a quirky act and that's all. 7

06. Tim Conlon
Does he have the strongest voice in the competition? Not all, but somehow Tim - and Delta - managed to make the most out of his ability and pull out an understated yet lovely cover of Wonderwall. His vocals sounded the best I've ever heard from him, he was absolutely connected with the song, and the acoustic arrangement though a bit monotonous still did wonders to the overall performance. Good job! 7

05. Fasika Ayallew
Love The Way You Lie
Up until this point, I'm conflicted if she deserved to be on the top of my list or right here where I placed her. Her vocals sounded rich throughout the verses and her lower register was fantastic. It was, however, slightly ruined when the key change happened towards the end and her notes went under pitched. I'm still listening to it right now and I'm not sure if it was just my ear, but it didn't sound right. Sad. I still give her points for the rest of the performance though because it was pretty solid. 7

04. Judah Kelly
I'm Not The Only One
This was another strong performance from Judah, albeit flawed. I thought the verses were outstanding with his vocals soaring effortlessly through the melody. I liked that he didn't transition his voice to his falsetto during the chorus, which separated his version with the original. However, there were a couple of noticeable cracks that happened towards the end and as soon as he tried to recover from it, his vocals faltered a bit. It's such a shame because it started out really great. 7.5

03. Hoseah Partsch
I Wish
Too bad his monitor fell and somehow threw him off a bit, but the performance in general was actually good. I didn't expect him to be able to deliver something upbeat, but he did. His vocals were strong, he worked the stage in a way I didn't think he was capable of doing, and the piano at the beginning was a nice touch. It did sound a bit karaoke almost, but I digress. 7.5

02. Sarah Stone
Scared to be Lonely
She handled an uptempo song shockingly well! After last week's exceptional performance, I honestly think Sarah's hitting her stride and gaining momentum. This was really strong. Her vocals were lush and it didn't falter despite the tempo picking up a notch. Plus, she looked comfortable doing it. I didn't know she's quite versatile, and yes, she's the one to watch at this point. 8

01. Rennie Adams
True Colors
Sensational! I've heard a couple of impeccable versions of True Colors, and while Rennie's version wasn't necessarily the best one, but the sincerity and rawness of his delivery was just impressive. I thought some of his phrasing choices were masterful, the way he looked into the camera at certain parts of the song to emphasize the words was brilliant, and the arrangement made the whole performance subdued and nuanced. 9

Claire Howell
Tim Colon
The Voice Australia 6: Top 10 Reviewed by DAM on 2:24 PM Rating: 5

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