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Movie Review: Snatched

Sigh. I wanted to like Snatched as much as the breathlessly enthusiastic leads but this wasn't as nearly as funny as I'd hoped for. Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn shared an excellent chemistry and played off each other's antics really well, but all of that were wasted by piling bad ideas one after the other. The storyline fell completely flat, without being the least bit clever, interesting, or believable. There were long stretches of dead time filled with unfunny rambling and when it's actually hysterical, there wasn't much of it. I also thought the bad guys were stock characters with nothing memorable or original about them. Heck, I don't even know any motivation for their actions. Snatched had all the potential to be a comedy gold given the premise and its stars, but it somehow lost whatever novelty it had fast and came off as a drawn-out and forced action comedy film. If you're in the right mood, you're going to find some of this stuff hilarious, but other than that, there's no way to paper over how disappointing Snatched was. 

Movie Review: Snatched Reviewed by DAM on 11:45 AM Rating: 5

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