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Movie Review: The Post

Spielberg. Streep. Hanks. That's the only three words you need to know. Haha. But seriously, The Post was a skilfully crafted, brilliantly directed, deftly written, tightly edited and outstandingly performed cinema.  Sure, the first half felt a bit unfocused with the set up as it mostly tried to communicate the difficulty of running a paper back in the day with a couple of subplots to cover, but as soon as the narrative shifted to the actual journalism drama, the film became exceedingly compelling. Character building was also slightly lacking, but that was masterfully glossed over by the immensely talented and great cast. The Post wasn't entirely flawless, but it's a relevant and timely story, which is more than enough for the price of admission. 

Movie Review: The Post Reviewed by DAM on 4:19 PM Rating: 5

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