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Movie Review: Red Sparrow

Yikes. Red Sparrow was like a poor man's Atomic Blonde - and I didn't even enjoyed that movie very much. Everything about this film seemed pointless. I thought the spy stuff were uninteresting and generic - did they really use floppy disks? where were the modern technologies and gadgets at? - the sexually disturbing elements were awkward and cringe-y, the writing was terrible, and the tonal shift changed drastically from time to time that it almost made for a difficult viewing. Plus, Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton had zero chemistry and the former's accent wavered a lot, which was unintentionally hysterical. Red Sparrow was a frustratingly sluggish and unnecessary film with no emotional engagement and had no business being so long of a movie.

Movie Review: Red Sparrow Reviewed by DAM on 2:05 PM Rating: 5

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