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Movie Review: Shazam!

Look, DCEU didn't have the best run with their live action films following a string of embarrassing stinkers over the years, but Shazam! was a breath of fresh air and an absolute delight to watch. No, it didn't reinvent the superhero movie wheel, but it was an extremely well balanced film that had vivid character-driven action and some totally satisfying emotional moments.

It was knowingly self-aware, which made most of the humor work, it got the tone downright spot on, and the actors were really good. Zachary Levi, in particular, had the kind of personality to successfully pull off the role. He was funny and amusing and his chemistry with the equally terrific Jack Dylan Grazer was magnetic. I had some minor issues with the villain and the editing felt a bit choppy at times, but I somehow didn't mind. 

Shazam! was, indeed, the better Captain Marvel and while not perfect, it was flat out entertaining and the kind of superhero movie I never knew I needed.

Movie Review: Shazam! Reviewed by DAM on 3:29 PM Rating: 5


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