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Movie Review: Justice League


Seriously. Justice League was shockingly not that bad! Yes, it was heavily flawed from the predictable and thin narrative to the disappointing and underwhelming visual effects to the cheesy one liners down to the awfully written Steppenwolf, but there was something strangely compelling about it.

The humor didn't feel forced, the tone was a lot more consistent than I expected, and the action sequences, for the most part, had some nice flair and style - I particularly enjoyed the scenes in Themyscira and the action sequence after the 'resurrection'. The characters were also extremely likeable. Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa were absolutely terrific and hysterical, and well, Gal Gadot was still every inch wonderful. Cyborg was sadly relegated though as a mere plot device to keep the story moving, but I digress.

If only the villain was written well - he didn't have enough presence to create a sense of dread, fear and threat - and the editing didn't feel as rushed and flowed with a natural momentum, this would've been more tightly knit. But it's not, so.. Haha.

Justice League wasn't excellent by any measure, but it was a fun and enjoyable watch - something I can't say about the other DCEU movies.. Wonder Woman was their one big giant leap to the right direction and while I expected another one from Justice League, this was a decent small step for the franchise. Again, it wasn't bad. Surprise!

Movie Review: Justice League Reviewed by DAM on 4:25 PM Rating: 5

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