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Olympics of Reality Singing Shows 2019: The Honorable Mentions

Now on it's seventh year, Olympics of Reality Singing Shows (ORSS) is back ready to proclaim a new fantastic set of performances that conquered the reality singing shows on the television space.

DAM NATION assembled thirty (30) reality singing show enthusiasts from different parts of the world to come up with a definitive list of the 25 Best Reality Singing Show Performances of the year from the biggest franchises across the globe and then some. We've considered performances from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania and more - we've got everything covered.

Now, let's begin the countdown with the five (5) performances that ALMOST made the cut.

Jack Vidgen | The Voice Australia

Previous winner of Australia's Got Talent shocked everyone when he decided to join The Voice Australia and proved that he still got it with a rousing rendition of an Adele hit. Some of the jury felt that a couple of his vocal choices sounded similar to James Graham's take, but that didn't stop him to place higher than half of this year's finalists.

Bianca Ryan | America's Got Talent: Champions

Bianca Ryan, like Jack Vidgen, was anything but new to the world of reality competitions. She won America's Got Talent in 2006 and while she didn't have anything else to prove, she showcased once again her talent in 2019's edition of America's Got Talent: Champions. Her vocals were on spot on, her range was still incredibly impressive, and the way she connected to the song was a lot more believable than when she was singing Piece Of My Heart at age eleven (11). Interesting to note though that she achieved a rare feat of getting ranked first and last from the panel.

28. 7 RINGS
Sheldon Riley | The Voice Australia

Sheldon Riley also came back this year as an All Star in The Voice Australia and his run was a lot more impressive this time. Sure, the insane theatrics were still there, but his performances all felt assured and 7 Rings was one of them. This Ariana Grande track was a deceptively hard song to sing given the cadence and phrasing that one should pull off to actually give the song justice, but Sheldon was hitting every single note stunningly. Plus, the arrangement fit his vibe completely. While a bit polarizing, the performance still managed to hit higher than most.

Laci Kaye Booth | American Idol

She was one of the standouts in 2019's American Idol and Love Of My Life was proof positive why. Her textured almost sandpapery vocals complemented the song choice and the arrangement of this classic. She took the melody to places where one would expect her to zig, but zag at certain moments, which made the entire performance compelling. Some of the jury though felt the performance didn't go anywhere having no particular climax to it, but that wasn't enough to pull it down the rankings.

Connie Talbot | Britain's Got Talent: Champions

Connie Talbot, like Jack Vidgen from Australia and Bianca Ryan from the United States, once joined Britain's Got Talent at the young age of seven (7) and after twelve (12) years, she came back looking gorgeous performing her original song Never Give Up On Us. It's rare for an original song to rank high on ORSS - with the exception of Grace Davies' Wolves that ranked 12th in 2017 and Joseph O'Brien's We Could Build A House that ranked 19th in 2018 - as familiarity with the song is sometimes key to some of the jury, but her understated self-penned track was mostly well loved by the panel.

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