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Movie Review: Geostorm

Geostrom was the perfect example of a film made purely to showcase some fantastic visuals with a straightforward plot concocted to hold it all together, but nothing else. The narrative could've been something much more meaningful - it was basically wrapped within the premise of global warming - but it felt more like an afterthought as it essentially became a vehicle for another cliché-driven action film for Gerard Butler. The visual effects were adroitly done though and some seemed fairly realistic, but again, that was basically it. Disaster film are brainless fun with characters full of drama and this one was no exception. Geostorm was not as perilously shallow as some of the more recent movies under the genre, but it could have been something more than what it was. I wonder though, where was the actual Geostorm? Was that it?

Movie Review: Geostorm Reviewed by DAM on 4:46 PM Rating: 5

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